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 ReigningCats Xander

Xander is a wonderful Siberian boy. He is still young and growing, yet you can already see his stocky stature and gorgeous coat! Xander is a rare bi-metal color, that is, he has both silver and gold in his coat! Xander is very sweet and loves to be held!

Sire: Gamilton Hatanga

Dam: GC, RW ReigningCats Lada Avreya

DOB: March 22, 2020

Bi-Metal (Silver and Gold)

Gamilton Hatanga, Siberian, Sire to Reigningcats Xander.
SIRE: Gamilton Hatanga
GC, RW Reigningcats Lada Avreya, Siberian, Dam to Reigningcats Xander.
DAM: GC, RW Reigningcats Lada Avreya
Reigningcats Xander, almost 3 years old, Siberian cat.
2 years, 11 months old
Reigningcats Xander, 10 month old Siberian.
10 months old
Reigningcats Xander, Siberian, 3 months old.
3 months old
Reigningcats Xander, Siberian, 10 weeks old.
10 weeks old
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