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Blue Tabby Maine Coon named Colt, from Reigningcats cattery.


Reigning Cats is a small cattery on the West Coast of Florida, where we breed and show purebred Maine Coon and Siberian cats and kittens. We have been an established and registered cattery since December, 1999. Our goal is to contribute to the breed by raising healthy, happy kittens that are true to the breed standard. We enjoy showing our cats in CFA, ACFA and TICA shows and many of our cats are multi-registered. We actively participate in several cat clubs and support rescue events. We are an active member of several Maine Coon and Siberian Fancier clubs.

Occasionally, we have cats or kittens available to a good home. We strive to raise quality, healthy, well-adjusted cats and kittens that are raised in a clean household where the cats are generously spoiled. Each kitten will receive their first FVRCP vaccine, a deworming, a fecal test, and are checked by our veterinarian prior to going to their new homes. A veterinary health certificate is included when you receive your kitten. We only use non-adjuvant vaccines to eliminate the risk of adjuvant-induced fibro sarcomas. We screen our adult cats for Felv/FIV, HCM, PKD, PK Deficiency and SMA and each cat is up-to-date on their vaccines. Our adult cats have quality pedigrees to ensure optimal genetic health and show quality kittens. A "limited" health guarantee is provided for each kitten which is detailed in the adoption agreement. We do not guarantee against allergies. Check out our Kittens page for the latest information on our kittens and retired adult cats available for sale.


We feed our cats top-quality dry cat foods, wet canned cat foods; along with natural foods such as raw meats and bones consisting of free-range chicken, quail, beef, venison, duck and turkey, organ meats, hormone-free eggs, and goats milk. If you are looking for a good quality pet food, try the Life's Abundance's product line.

Our cattery is an expensive and serious hobby, NOT a "for profit" business, although we do comply with the state of Florida breeder laws and pay Florida taxes. Our adoption fee covers our vet expenses, genetic screenings, food, supplies and cattery maintenance.

We occasionally have kittens available throughout the year. We take pride in our kittens and want them to go to a good home. Therefore, please don't be offended if we ask you questions about your home, children and other household pets. We only adopt our kittens to non-smoking homes that agree to keep the kittens indoors, will NOT declaw, and will provide them with only the best love and care that can be given to them. The kittens will be spayed/neutered prior to going to their new homes, or, you will sign an agreement to spay/neuter before they are 6 months old. You must provide proof of the spay/neuter from a licenced veterinarian.

Due to multiple reasons, we do not allow tours of our home. You are more than welcome to visit the kittens when they are available for reservations so you'll be able to choose the kitten to your liking. Visits are by appointment only and for 30 minutes maximum. Please be on time as there are others that also want to visit as well. I recommend that you find suitable childcare should you have toddlers as they make it difficult for you to focus on the kittens or make decisions otherwise. Please do not bring your neighbors or friends.


Please contact us if you are interested in a kitten so we can provide you with the latest status on their availability. Our Kitten page also contains a lot of information on their availability, upkeep, training, and a list of supplies for your new baby. We do not publish our phone number on this website to reduce the number of robocalls and solicitors, however if you wish to speak to us in person, please email us and we will be glad to provide our phone number.

Finally, beware of scammers and backyard breeders! Our cattery has been around for over 20 years and supports the families that adopt from us. We know the better quality cattery lines and ensure that our cats come from long lines of top-quality catteries that test their cats for genetic disorders. We are a registered cattery in CFA, ACFA and TICA. You can look up our cattery on their website. We have also managed and supported many ACFA cat shows so if you want to know if we're legit, call ACFA Central Office and ask about us!

Note: We do not work on Sundays. We reserve our Sundays for the Lord's day, family day and our day of rest.

Our cats are generously spoiled in a loving home!

 Cat Associations &   Registrations

We proudly show our cats in TICA, CFA and ACFA.

Many of our cats have Grand Champion, Champion, Regional Winner and Inter-American Titles.

 Giving Back

We humbly support our local:

  • Meals on Wheels Plus Charity that also provides pet food services to their clients so they can continue to keep their companion animals

  • Our local food bank

  • Our local church

  • K9's for Warriors

  • Various Humane Societies

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