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A picture of a Reigning Cats kitten.


Occasionally, we have cats or kittens available to a good home. We strive to raise quality, healthy, well-adjusted cats and kittens that are raised in a clean household where the cats are generously spoiled.

We take pride in our kittens and want them to go to a good home. Therefore, please don't be offended if we ask you questions about your home, children and other household pets.

Although our kittens are purebred, we do not sell our kittens as breeders, they are raised to go to loving pet homes!


Please feel free to write us for more information or litter status for upcoming litters at

NOTE: Pictures on this page are not images of currently available cats or kittens. They are images of prior Reigningcats. For current pictures, please email us and we will be glad to share them with you.

Reigningcats Maine Coon kittens.

Maine Coon Kittens

Reigningcats Siberian kitten

Siberian Kittens

Reigningcats Miss Swagger-N-Sass

Adult Retirees

Our Siberian kittens are available!

We have 1 rare bi-metal-colored female available that has both silver and gold colors on her coat. Absolutely gorgeous!

There is also a female silver mackerel tabby with white paws kitten and a female silver classic tabby with white paws kitten available.

These kittens are stunning and are available now!
Occasionally, we have adult retirees available to a loving pet home. At this moment, we do not have any retirees available. Please check back late 2023.
Our Maine Coon kittens have arrived! 

We have gorgeous silver tabby and a tortie smoke female kittens available mid-June. These kittens are out of Arctic Storm and Carrera, both stunning and BIG cats along with a gentle, sweet nature.

These kittens will soon be ready to rule your home!


  • Although our kittens are show quality, we do not sell our kittens with breeding rights. 

  • Each kitten will receive their first kitten vaccination, a fecal test, and a deworming prior to going to their new homes.

  • Each kitten will be seen by our veterinarian and will receive a veterinarian health certificate prior to going to their new home.

  • Siberian kittens are known to be hypo-allergenic, i.e., they tend to have lesser Fel-d1 protein in their saliva. Kittens tend to have higher levels of Fel-d1 proteins, and it usually reduces over time. This does not mean that they are fool-proof! Every human is different in their reactions to the cats. Therefore, we do not guarantee that you will not have an allergic reaction to this breed. 

  • Since we do not guarantee against allergies, we do allow a visitation with an available kitten so you can check your reaction.

  • The kittens will be spayed/neutered prior to going to their new homes, or, you will sign an agreement to spay/neuter before they are 6 months old. You must provide proof of the spay/neuter from a licensed veterinarian.

  • We screen our adult cats for Felv/FIV, HCM, PKD, PK Deficiency and SMA and each cat is up-to-date on their vaccines. Our adult cats have quality pedigrees to ensure optimal genetic health and show quality kittens.

  • A "limited" health guarantee for up to 5 years, is provided for each kitten which is detailed in the sale contract.

  • We only adopt our kittens to non-smoking homes that agree to keep the kittens indoors, will NOT declaw, and will provide them with only the best love and care that can be given to them.

  • Due to multiple reasons, we do not allow tours of our home. You are more than welcome to visit the kittens when they are available for reservations so you'll be able to choose the kitten to your liking. Visits are by appointment only and for 30 minutes maximum. Please be on time as there are others that also want to visit as well. If you cannot visit us, we also offer video calls so you can meet us and the kitten.

  • We do not keep a waiting list, however we may take pre-reservations on a pending or newborn litter of kittens. Kitten selection is based on the order the deposit was received and is typically around 4 weeks of age. Deposits are non-refundable.

  • Kittens/cats MUST go home in a pet carrier! No exceptions! If you don't have one, we have carriers available for sale.

  • Kittens/cats will be picked up, in person, or we can meet you at the local airport (Tampa or Sarasota) for a minimal fee. Transportation/courier services can also be provided depending on the length of the trip and final destination. Courier services via airline transportation are typically 2 times the cost of meeting us at the airport. Ground transportation is available if within 3 hours one way for a minimal fee.

  • Final payment is due, in cash, when you pick up your kitten. This ensures you that you see the kitten before final payment is made. The only exception to this, is if we provide a courier service to transport the kitten for you. In this case, final payment must be paid 10 days prior to the cat/kitten leaving our home, to provide us time to verify that the funds have cleared our bank.

  • We do not publish our phone number on the web. This helps to eliminate robocalls and unwanted solicitations. If you wish to speak to us, please email us and we will provide you with our number, or, we will call you if you provide us with your number.

  • You may not transfer the kitten/cat to another person or household without the written permission of ReigningCats. We have first right of refusal if you can no longer keep your kitten/cat. We will gladly take back any kitten/cat that you can no longer keep, or, we will help you to find a suitable home.

  • We love our kittens and would love to continue to hear from you once you bring your new kitten home. Seeing pictures of them as they mature MAKES OUR DAY!!!


Bringing your kitten/cat to their new home is a big change to them! Be prepared by having a space for the kitten/cat to become acclimated to before introducing the kitten/cat to the entire home. I recommend using your bedroom or master bathroom to start. Do not put the kitten/cat in an area where s/he will be all alone such as a basement. They have been with their mom and litter mates so isolating them in an area where you won't be with them will be traumatic. Spend lots of time with him. Show him where his litter box and food/water are kept. If you have a multi-level home, be sure to put a litter box on each floor until he is older and established in his litter box habits.

Never allow your cat outside unattended! A screened-in porch is acceptable.

Kitten Proofing Your Home:

  • Keep all household plants out of the kitten's reach. Some house plants such as ivy and philodendron are poisonous and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, or even death.

  • Avoid the use of essential oils as many are harmful to cats.

  • Avoid toys that have sharp edges or parts that your kitten/cat might swallow.

  • Beware of sewing thread, yarn, and toys with strings. Stringy material is dangerous if ingested.

  • Keep all medicines and household cleaning agents locked up. Clean your house with any plant-based natural cleaner, or clorox or vinegar. Many household cleaners are harmful to cats and are irritating to breathe. Don't use carpet deodorizers, powders, etc. Remember, the cats are closer to the floors and the chemical smells can be overwhelming to them.

  • Never use Lysol spray around your pets! Only use natural products!

  • Shut the bathroom door when running water in a bathtub and keep toilet seats closed. Do not leave buckets of water around for the kitten to fall into.

  • Never allow your kitten to be near your pool as they are too young to be able to get out. Keep the pool water filled up as much as possible.

  • Secure unscreened windows and secure screens on all other windows. There are screens that are made for pets (Super Screen) that you can buy at your local hardware store. These screens are stronger and cannot be clawed or torn.

  • Close all garage and appliance doors. Check before you leave the house to make sure the kitten/cat can't escape out the door.

  • Keep doors closed to any unfinished room in your house or basement to keep the kitten from getting into the ceiling or the walls.

  • We recommend high-quality hepa filters for use in your house to keep the air clean. Ideally, add a UV light to your HVAC unit!

  • Cover your electrical cords to prevent kittens from chewing them. You can purchase Split Wire Loom Tubing or Cable Sleeves at your local hardware stores or Amazon. (Save yourself some time and gas and go directly to Amazon! Finding these at the local stores can be hit or miss.)


  • DRY-FOOD: We free-feed the dry food for our cats and kittens, which the kittens begin eating around 4 weeks of age. Our favorite dry food is Life's Abundance Pet food which the cats and kittens love and you can order it to be shipped directly to your door. We use Grain free food. This food is shipped fresh from their own manufacturing plant, so they have the best quality control you can ask for! And it has NEVER had a food recall! If you continue to use this food, we also extend their health guaranty up to 5 years! We consider dry food as a supplement and emphasize feeding canned and raw meat as their primary diet.

  • CANNED FOOD: Cats and kittens also get canned cat food in the morning and evening. We recommend ordering your cat/kitten food from Life's Abundance Pet Foods. We also feed the Life's Abundance Treats and Supplements. We use other canned foods as well so they will be adjusted to other foods when they go to their new homes but try to get the best available food, such as Instinct. The food should not contain carrageenan and should be Grain Free. The higher percentage of meat, the better! Kittens get wet food 3 - 4 times a day. As they mature, we adjust to 2 times a day. Wet food is ideal for the cats to digest, so the more the merrier. 

  • RAW MEAT: A must for a healthy diet!!! We feed our cats raw meats as well, in lieu of one of the canned food feedings. They get ground beef, turkey, venison, duck, quail or chicken (although chicken is their least favorite), or beef stew meat (great for cleaning teeth) that you can find in the grocery store. We buy all natural/organic meat products. We also use organ meats such as chicken hearts, liver, and beef heart. You can mix the raw meat with an egg, plain yogurt, or some cottage cheese. If you live near a specialty pet food store, you can buy the raw meats already prepared for you which may contain vegetables as well. We use Blue Ridge Beef Pet Foods; they love the Kitten Mix, Puppy Mix, beef and bone, venison and ground quail, chicken and turkey.  We also use Small Batch Blends which contain a small amount of vegetables in it. Cats shouldn't have more than 5% vegetables in their food, and Small Batch meets this requirement. Another raw food that we feed is Answers for cats.  You can also add Better In the Raw powder to the raw meats, or you can add eggs, goats milk and pink himalayan salt to their raw meat. 

  • SUPPLEMENTS: We add a powder supplements to their wet food, once a day. We like Only Natural Pet's Ultimate Cat Vitamins or PetWellbeing Spark or Nature's Logic All Food Fortifier. A great probiotic and enzyme powder to add to their food is Dr. Mercola Digestive Enzymes and Complete Probiotics Dog and Cat Supplements and Dr. Mercola Immune Balance. We HIGHLY recommend adding enzymes and and probiotics to your pets food daily! Make sure they are guaranteed live. This helps to keep the gut healthy and prevents illness. Another food addition that we use is NutriNZ Colostrum ( and Marine PhytoPlankton Powder made by Health Factory ( We use Marine PhytoPlankton Powder in lieu of fish/salmon oils as fish oils become rancid as soon as air hits the product. Marine PhytoPlankton is much healthier for the pets!


  • It is recommended to have one litter box per cat.

  • Large, deep boxes are the best as it helps to keep the litter inside the box. A plastic storage tub is also sufficient and helps to keep the litter inside the tub. Make sure you don't use too large of a tub as it will be more of a problem when trying to clean it. If you have dogs, try the Clevercat litter boxes with the lid on it.

  • The most natural, environmentally healthy brand of litter that we like is called Swheat Scoop. It is made out of wheat and is clumping. It can be flushed and doesn't contain clay or chemicals. We also use other clumping litters as well. Many brands are  good, the better the quality, the better the clumping ability and less dust. Non-scented is preferred... who wants their house to smell like fresh cat litter? Dr. Easley's Cat Attract is non-scented and works well. If you can't find a non-scented product, get Scoop Away, which is a great litter, although scented and can be found at Walmart and other grocery stores. DO NOT USE PINE LITTER. It will not cover the poop and can stain white fur.

  • Scoop the litter at least one time a day, preferably two times a day. We use the Jumbo size plastic litter scoop. Do not skip this step! Viruses, parasites and worms are spread through a dirty litter box. Ideally, use a different scoop per box.

  • Clean and disinfect the scoop after each use.

  • If using scoopable litter, replace the litter with fresh litter as it is deplenished. Every few weeks, dump the entire box, wash with water and clorox or vinegar (1:8 ratio), dry, then refill with about 3 inches of fresh litter. 

  • We use a tracking mat in front of our boxes to keep the litter from getting tracked onto the floor.

  • Upon arrival to their new home, show the kitten/cat where his litter box is by placing him inside the box and petting him.

  • Put the litter box where the kitten can get to it. If you have a multiple level house, you might consider putting a litter box on each level until the kitten gets older. This will ensure that he can get to the box when he needs to go.


  • Comb your cat regularly to minimize matting and hairballs, control excessive shedding, and minimize the need for bathing. We use a stainless steel comb. Pay attention to the cats mane, ruff, and hair under the arms and on the back of their legs. For mats, use a rake style comb that has rotating teeth.

  • To break apart mats, you can get a seam ripper or an envelope opener that has the small razor in it.

  • Clip their claws every 2 weeks using nail clippers. To get the kitten used to having their claws clipped, try clipping a few claws at a time. Handle the kittens paws frequently so they are used to the feel. As you pet your kitten, pet down their legs and paws too to help them get used to having their paws handled.

  • If the coat of your cat starts to clump or look oily, you should give him a bath. Start with a degreaser shampoo. Life's Abundance ( has a great all-around pet shampoo. Purrinlot has two wonderful shampoos that are wonderful and smell fabulous! One is a degreaser, the other is a nice conditioning shampoo. Use the degreaser if your cats has a greasy coat. Chubbs Bars also has a nice degreaser bar (the original unscented bar) of soap for your cat. Lather the cat up with the shampoo or bar of soap and then rinse, rinse, and keep on rinsing! Be sure to keep your bathroom warm so the cat doesn't get chilled. 


  • Use positive reinforcement (praise, treats and toys) for good behavior.

  • Squirt you kitten with a water bottle when he misbehaves, then look away so he associates the water with bad behavior and not with you.

  • Show your kitten how to sharpen his claws on a scratching post. Give praise when he uses the post. Use treats or catnip on the post as positive reinforcement. This post is sturdy and good for both kittens and adult cats, my cats love it!  F&P Products Cat Scratcher

  • Play with the kitten around the scratching post so he associates the fun times with the scratching post.

  • Place the scratching post in an area the kitten will walk by, preferably in front of the corner of the furniture. This will teach the kitten to use the post, not the furniture. We recommend the cardboard-style box scratchers, they are inexpensive and you can buy several to place around your house. As the kitten gets older, he will also be attracted to the catnip that comes in the box. Carpeted scratching posts only encourages and trains your cat to use carpet.... be sure this is what you want before purchasing a carpeted scratching post.

  • Use spray-on Catnip for vertical scratching posts.

  • Do not use your fingers as a toy. This will train the kitten to bite you and you want to avoid this. Instead, use a fishing-pole style toy, some balls, or a wadded up piece of paper to play with the kitten.


  • Visit your veterinarian within 2 days after receipt of your new kitten.

  • Give your veterinarian the medical information that was provided to you in your Kitten Folder so he can advise you when the boosters are due. I recommend a final booster distemper vaccination at 4 or 5 months of age to assure their immune system gets the coverage they need. Often their mother's immunities are still in the kitten's system for several months. Giving them a booster at 4 to 5 months helps to protect the kitten after the mother's immunities are gone. Give one additional distemper vaccine at 1 year of age. After that, their immune system is sufficient and should not need additional vaccinations. We recommend doing a titer test to determine if the cat needs additional vaccinations.

  • Only use non-adjuvanted vaccines! Ask your vet about the health risks and side effects associated with all vaccines! Using adjuvanted vaccines will void your health guarantee!

  • A rabies vaccine is due by the time they are 4 months old. We recommend the PureVax Rabies vaccine since it is safer than the other brands of vaccines.

  • Our adult cats are tested for Feline Leukemia and Feline Aids. Do NOT give your kitten the Leukemia or FIP vaccines. They are not necessary since the kittens are to be kept strictly indoors and these vaccines have long-term side effects that are detrimental to the cats' health. This will void your health guarantee!

  • Set up an appointment to have the kitten spayed/neutered by the time s/he is 6 months old. Send the spay/neuter certificate that you received from your vet to Reigningcats. Scanning and email to is the best. Snail mail to: 2800 N 6th St. #5015, St. Augustine, FL 32084.

  • Please be educated on what your Veterinarian is suggesting for the treatment of your pet!!! Always ask why before jumping into expensive tests and procedures. Get a 2nd opinion if the procedure is questioned or too expensive! We do not recommend the food or supplements that the Vet sells.

  • Signs of illness: if your kitten is showing any signs of illness, take it to the vet immediately! This includes lack of appetite, lack of energy, vomiting, fever or diarrhea.


  1. Food - Dry, Canned, Fresh, and Raw Meats. Life's Abundance Grain Free Pet Food, Get the Treats and the Supplements! Canned food: Life's Abundance Grain Free, or Gentle Giants Natural, Instincts, I and Love and You, Weruva, Tiki Cat, or American Journey. Raw foods: Answers, Small Batch, and Blue Ridge Beef products. Free-feed the dry food at all times. Kittens get canned food and raw meats 3 times a day, the adult cats get this 2 times a day. We feed canned food at 7 am, raw meat at 4 pm and another canned food at 9 pm.   

  2. Enzymes and Pre- and Probiotics - Make sure they are live! It is essential to have this added to your pet food! It maintains their gut health which supports the nutrients that you are feeding them and provides a defense against diseases. Although the brand of food that we highly recommend already contains pre- and probiotics, we always add more to the canned food or raw meats to ensure that they are getting live products and provide a larger amount of biotics and enzymes. Try Dr. Mercola's Pet products through or

  3. Food and Water Bowls (flat-bottom, heavy, or weighted bowls that will not tip over. Crock style or stainless steel recommended; no plastic!)

  4. Rubber Mat to place under the food and water bowls or get a boot tray.

  5. Litter Box, Litter Scoop, Litter, and tracking mat - We prefer the PetMate Large litter scoop or Van Ness Cat Litter Scoop. Get a deep/covered/LARGE litter box, or use a plastic storage bin. The plastic storage bin is our personal favorite as it helps to keep the litter INSIDE the bin and you get less tracking onto your floor.

  6. Toys - balls, mylar toys, "Da Bird", laser light, interactive toys, catnip toys, furry mice toys, etc. Remove items that can be swallowed.

  7. Scratching Post - The cardboard styles work wonderfully. No carpet! You can also get sisal rope-style posts. F&P Products Cat Scratcher

  8. Spray-type CatNip - regularly spray on the scratcher posts and trees.

  9. Cat Carrier - We prefer the PetMate Top Loading Kennel in Medium size. For air travel, we use Sturdi Products XLG Carrier and their harness.

  10. Metal Comb and Rake - Greyhound style Fine to Medium and Rotating Teeth Rake

  11. Spray Bottle (used to correct behavior)

  12. Scratch NOT! You can get this in Walmart. It is a scratch deterrent spray. Use it on your furniture, rugs, etc. daily until you are sure the cat is using the scratcher trees or pads. You can also buy 2-sided sticky tape and place it vertically on your furniture to deter the cats from scratching there.

  13. Electrical cord covers: Split Wire Loom Tubing or Cable sleeves. Best bet is to order from Amazon.

  14. Life's Abundance Bio-Base Bio Deodorizer and Bio-Base Floor Wash - great products for cleaning and deodorizing and are family and pet friendly! Use the Deodorizer spray on your carpet, furniture, cat trees, and pet beds. We've used many other deodorizers that are not nearly as effective as this deodorizer spray! You can add it to your floor wash too! The floor wash is effective and pet friendly! Both of these products are environmentally safe too!

  15. Detangler Mist for Matts - be sure to comb your cat occasionally to prevent matted coats. 

  16. Forever Furless Lilly Brush - fur removing brush for your furniture and clothes. This is the BEST! Love it! Removes hair from your furniture and clothes. Available at

  17. Rescue Remedy - this is a homeopathic natural stress relief for pets. It is excellent to use during travel, introducing your kitten to a new home, or any stressful event.

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