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CH Kiara Gentle Predator

I fell in love with Kiara as soon as I saw her picture! Kiara is a gorgeous blue cream smoke girl with the perfect confirmation and fabulous paint brushes for ear tips! She is gentle, sweet natured and loves to have her back scratched! Kiara's sire is a big, masculine, well known World Champion!

Sire: WC WildBeautyCoon Darwin

Dam: Carolina Gentle Predator

DOB: August 3, 2018

Blue Cream Smoke

WC Wildbeauty Darvin, sire of Kiara Gentle Predator, Maine Coon.
SIRE: WC WildBeautyCoon Darwin
Carolina Gentle Predator, Dam to Kirara Gentle Predator.
DAM: Carolina Gentle Predator
Kirara Gentle Predator, Maine Coon, 2.5 years old.
2.5 years old
Kirara Gentle Predator, Maine Coon, 5 months old.
5 months old
Kirara Gentle Predator, Maine Coon, 11 weeks old.
11 weeks old
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